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Top two trekking place in India


Some see the Great Himalayas as mere mountain ranges, while adventure travelers accept it as a challenge. Since the complete development of mankind, the Himalayas were seen with the greatest mystery and adventure. It is the dream of every adventure lover today to eye with the height of the Himalayas, so many adventure training institutes have opened up around the world.

Many Hollywood films have been made about the Himalayas, by seeing which you can understand its vastness and mystery. Learn with us today in this special article about the selected romanchak treks of the Himalayas in India, which you can plan anytime during this summer.

Har ki doon trek
If you are looking for such a trekking route where you can easily experience the inaccessible hills of the Himalayas, then you can opt for the Hur K Doon trek in Uttarakhand. This trekking route is full of beautiful valleys, glaciers covered with snow mountains and innumerable Himalayan flora.


Har Ki Doon is one such special trek form that even inexperienced trekkers can complete. This trek route is at Fateh mountain at an altitude of about 11600 feet above sea level.

This adventurous trek starts from the narrow passage to the taluka. You can choose this route to have the first exciting experience of trekking.

Roopkund Trek

If you want to experience some mystery during trekking then you can opt for Roopkund trek located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Roopkund is known for its mysterious lake, it is believed that many years old bodies here are seen floating in the lake.

If this entire area is icy, then these skeletal bodies are present in good condition. The mystery of this lake has also challenged science. Apart from the mystery, this mountainous area is known for adventure trekking.

You will get to see beautiful valleys, Himalayan flora and glacier covered ham mountains during trekking. You can plan here to have an exciting experience of trekking this summer.


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