If your searching made in India app Elements will be launched

If you too were trying to find a Made in India social media app, then your search is over. Tomorrow, on July 5, the country’s first ‘Super Social Media App Elements (Elyments) goes to be launched. The special thing is that vice chairman M Venkaiah Naidu is close to launch this app. it’s claimed that it’s the primary social media app within the country. 500 million people in India use social media, but sadly, most of those social media platforms are dominated by foreign companies, which has intensified the talk about data privacy and data supremacy.

 In such a situation, there’s a debate about the Made in India app and other people are downloading domestic apps after banning Chinese apps. Elyments are prepared by quite one thousand IT professionals. Elyments is that the first social media super app made in India, although this app is already available on Google Play-Store and has been downloaded by quite one lakh people, but its official launching was on July 5, vice chairman of India M. Venkaiah Naidu will do.
 The Art of Living founder also will be Sri Sri Shankar at its launch. Celebrities like Swami Ramdev, Ayodhya Rami Reddy, Suresh Prabhu, RV Deshpande, Ashok P Hinduja, GM Rao, Sajjan Jindal also will be present within the launching of the app.
 the info of the users of the Elyments app will remain safe within the country and can not tend to any third party without the specific consent of the users. This app is out there in additional than eight Indian languages. additionally to social media feeds during this app, audio-video calling also will be available on Elements . 
Ever since the Chinese have closed down in India, India has been busy making its own indigenous application. In the same area, India has prepared an application that will be launched very soon.

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